Mimaki Plotter in Drawcut

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DrawCut – Mimaki Plotter

There are several ways to connect to a Mimaki Plotter, depending on how hold it is.

Method 1:

1. Select “Windows Port”

2. Choose “CustomPort”

3. Click “Configure”

1. Select “Filter Devices”

2. Select the “MMK USB2.0” USB filter.

3. Click “Refresh” to display a list of matching port.

If you see anything available in the listbox underneath the “Refresh” button, click on it to select it, and click “OK”

Method 2:


If you  have a CG SRIII,  do the following:

Download and install this file:


Then download and install the CG-SRIII Printer Driver ver1.60


Or you can choose and download the files from the Mimaki web site, based on your model.

You can find the Mimaki USB Driver and Windows Printer drivers at:



For CG-SRIII, you can directly go to:


After installing the Mimaki Printer driver, make sure that it is set to the CG Port.

Select the Mimaki Printer driver in DrawCut by doing the following:

Select the mimaki printer in the printer lists.